Catchlight is a post-progressive rock/metal band. Their first concept album Amaryllis, released in 2016, has been well received by the public and critics.

Catchlight takes us into a post-apocalyptic universe that is both rich and dark through atmospheric sounds of guitars, the hovering and electric atmosphere of the samples, the throbbing rhythm of the drums and the groove of the bass. The melancholy and poignant songs tell the story of the fallen humanity struggling to regain its past glory in a world plunged in the shadow of a thousand-year-old night. Amaryllis is a chapter of their story...


Voices & Guitars: Sébastien ARNAUD
Drums: Mark BOHNKE
Guitars: Mickaël DUBOUCHET
Synths: Romain GUIRAMAND
Bass: Anselme ARCE